Internet Service Experience Now Available On A Personal Level

October 18th, 2013

Some interesting news was published earlier this year regarding personal service and internet technology.  The news reported that interaction with real human beings wasn’t necessary in order to receive personal service in places like hotels. The report went on to reveal that these interactions are being replaced more frequently by, of all things, smart phone apps. But it is really logical to think that the personal relationships we develop with people over time could be replaced by such apps?

Experts say that such apps like this would not replace personal relationships, but only substitute for personal interactions. Apparently, all it takes to enhance these interactions is to use an app that has personalized recommendations based on the hotels and other locations we tend to visit a lot. Although information collection from customers has been occurring for many years via internet service providers in Austin Texas and other means, technology has made it possible to get all manner of customer feedback and then process it effectively and efficiently.

Internet Service Providers in Denver Colorado Don’t Necessarily Have To Be Well Known

September 20th, 2013

Are you tired of slow internet connections? Wish you could go with a different company? The good news is that you might not have to wait if you build it yourself. That’s exactly what some British farmers did last year. After having waited patiently for high speed broadband to come to their town over several years, they finally became tired of waiting and realized that they would continue to be overlooked for internet connections. So they ended up taking matters into their own hands and built their own network.

By tapping into their local expertise in computer networks, IT support and other internet industry professionals, the farmers were able to hook up their community for an incredibly low cost, coming in at far less than British Telecom’s estimate of ten thousand pounds to connect them. So why wouldn’t this be possible in areas without Internet service providers in Denver Colorado? And if that weren’t enough, the download speeds this tiny community now enjoys come it at over 900 Mbps.


Are You Paying Too Much For Internet Service Providers in Indianapolis Indiana?

September 13th, 2013

If you think that your connection from your ISP is not only too slow, but is costing you too much, you are definitely not alone. United States citizens pay the most money, but tend to get lower value for their connections than other internet users around the world. An interesting reason about why this is was revealed a couple of years ago, and made some people outraged. The reason was that media organizations have been allowed to place public interest on the back burner by the American government itself.

Will it take more than a few years before we can finally say that the internet speed/price issue has been resolved? It’s hard to tell. But in the meantime, we as internet users can ensure we’re getting as much for our money as possible. This includes doing as much research as possible into Internet Service Providers in Indianapolis Indiana. And then, we can claim as many valuable online savings as we can.


Does Student Development Depend On Internet Access?

September 6th, 2013

With technology moving more quickly than ever before, the education sector has had little choice but to keep pace. The internet has given millions of students the opportunity to get their college or university degrees without having to physically attend an institution. But what about students living in rural or underprivileged areas without internet access? The results of a recent study were shocking; apparently, a lack of computer access had virtually no effect on a student’s ability to do well academically. But the impact of technology on a student’s ability to achieve isn’t easy to measure, as technology can affect such a wide range of areas, making this difficult to quantify. And yet, other studies have revealed that technology does, in fact boost a student’s achievement overall, but only under certain circumstances.


Higher Speeds On Way From One Of Internet Service Providers in San Diego California

July 30th, 2013

45 Mbps speeds will soon be available in two states from one of the more popular ISPs in the nation. AT&T has announced that its High Speed Internet Power offering will be in place soon. The new offering is meant to pose a challenge to AT&Ts competition in the cable internet arena. In addition to the 45 Mbps offering, which is no surprise due to its revelation in a second quarter earnings call, even higher speeds are to be expected later on in 2013. AT&T’s wireline IP network will soon be expanded and enhanced in order to serve almost 60 million customers in its territory. The company plans to reach this goal by the end of 2015.

As far as future speed offerings go, AT&T has said that it plans to offer both a 75 and a 100 Mbps download speed product to customers later on this year. The 45 Mbps product that this more popular of the internet service providers in San Diego California  will be offering will cost customers $49.95 per month for up to two years as an introductory rate. But in order to get this price, customers will have to bundle the new high speed service with phone and TV service.

Wi-Fi Promo Being Run By One Of The Major Internet Service Providers In Austin Texas

May 22nd, 2013

Customers of one of the major internet service providers in Austin Texas may be happy to know that they can get online for free. A promotion is being run by Comcast through July 4 of this year, whereby the company will offer free Wi-Fi access to residents in Philadelphia, California, greater Boston and New Jersey.

Should a non-subscriber to the company try and connect their Wi-Fi enabled device, they will be asked to click a link on the sign-in page, after which they can become a customer. Those trying to access the free connection via their smart phone will have to choose the ‘summer promotion’ option in the drop down list of available connections. Although not widely marketed, the promotion will begin one day before Memorial Day Weekend, which could result in much Wi-Fi activity.

Is The Cloud Subject To Government Scrutiny Via Internet Service Providers In Denver Colorado?

May 8th, 2013

Tax season almost always carries with it a sense of urgency and some trepidation, especially among those who might owe money. And along with the madness of the season are always rumors. One of the more popular ones is that the IRS can snoop around in taxpayers’ email messages to try and catch those who would cheat on their taxes.  This has especially caused worry among those who use the cloud and internet service providers in Denver Colorado to store their messages.

The truth is that as far as email messages are concerned, there is nothing in the 4th Amendment which protects them. While it may seem reasonable that they would be covered, but the IRS Search Warrant Manual states that email messages will generally lose any protection once they have been transmitted from a user’s computer.

Using Internet Service Providers In Indianapolis Indiana Across Multiple Devices? Cross-Platform Ads Coming

May 1st, 2013

People have certainly become more mobile recently. More than ever before, customers of internet service providers in Indianapolis Indiana and other providers are using their phones, tablets and other devices to get online as well as their home computer counterparts. And advertisers seem to be catching on. New techniques and software is being developed that could see the tracking of users’ habits no matter which device they use to surf the web.

The new technology is called cross-screen marketing, and it may be the answer to a long-standing issue: how to target consumers on their mobile devices. While desktop computer activity can be monitored with cookies, this strategy doesn’t apply in the wireless world. One method of mobile advertising that is showing promise is the triangulation method, which attempts to discern whether a mobile and PC user are the same person.

Are Teens Using Their Connection From Internet Service Providers In My Area To Go Elsewhere?

April 11th, 2013

Recent research has revealed an interesting possible trend: that teens may be using their connection from internet service providers in my area for interests other than Facebook. This all comes as the result of a survey, in which most teens could take or leave the now-famous social media network, with only 33% saying it was their top choice. That’s a 9% difference from the fall of 2012. But where are they going these days, if not to Facebook?

Although the numbers aren’t anything to write home about, many teens are heading to Twitter second, Instagram third , Google fourth and Tumblr fifth. Overall, teens said that their purchasing decisions were influenced by various social media sites. Whether or not that will result in a resurgence of teens at Facebook will remain to be seen.

Technology Being Tested Which Monitors Student Learning Via Internet Providers

April 10th, 2013

Nine universities are currently taking part in a study which tracks students’ progress as they move through digital textbooks. CourseSmart, the company which created the technology and the digital textbooks, provides learning institutions with early signs of course engagement or disinterest, which could indicate early drop outs. Millions of students now use the company’s digital materials to learn via internet providers.

Information from the textbooks can be individually packaged for each professor, giving them the key data they need to alter the way in which material is presented. Currently, over three million students and teachers are using CourseSmart textbooks. This fall marks when the program will be most broadly introduced to date, with such institutions taking part as Texas A&M University – San Antonio, Clemson and Central Carolina College.

Google Reader’s End Sparks Protests From Users Of Internet Service Providers In Columbus Ohio

March 20th, 2013

A convenient service that allowed millions to view blogs via RSS feed recently announced that it would be shutting down this summer. And users of internet service providers in Columbus Ohio and other ISPs do not want to let it go without a fight. Many users used the Twitterverse to vent their displeasure and request alternative readers. Other companies who relied on Google Reader for product production appeared to be devastated by the announcement.

In addition to protesting via social media, a petition was started which received over 50,000 signatures in just a few hours. But this doesn’t appear to be convincing Google to reverse its position. The company’s reason for shutting down its Reader service was, according to a statement, due to a decline in the usage of the service. The company also mentioned that it’s putting more of its resources into fewer products.

Could We Soon Be Sharing Breathalyzer Results On Facebook Via Internet Service Providers In Portland Oregon?

March 13th, 2013

A brand new device that’s soon to be hitting the virtual shelves looks poised to make us rethink that fabled ‘one for the road’. Now, the power of the breathalyzer test is put back into the hands of the drinker. Called Breathometer, the tiny device plugs into the phone jack of your Android or iPhone, and allows you to get a reading of your blood alcohol level before you even get into your car. But will people soon be tweeting their blood alcohol levels via internet service providers in Portland Oregon like they do their pet photos? Time will tell.

The Breathometer costs about $100 per unit, and is in its beta stage. Measuring as wide as an iPhone or Android, the device can easily fit into a small pocket. But many questions remain, such as whether or not the reading received on the Breathometer is comparable to the readings from the breathalysers used by law enforcement.

Why VOIP Is A Popular Choice For Many Customers Of Internet Service Providers In Houston Texas

March 1st, 2013


Voice over IP is a revolutionary way to connect with loved ones and customers. This is a fact that many customers of internet service providers in Houston Texas already know. In the home, VOIP makes it incredibly easy to get in touch; all that’s needed is a computer, VOIP software and a microphone. But VOIP has also completely transformed the way companies do business.

Hosted VOIP is what’s used by companies. Instead of a traditional system that contains many phone systems to which several phone lines connect to, the hosted VOIP system offers incredible portability, as only one central system is needed to connect several lines. When the system needs to be moved, all that’s required is to unplug the system from one location and plug it back in at another. However call quality via VOIP may not be as high as what a traditional system could offer.


New Server Could Reduce Carbon Footprint Of Web And Internet Service Providers In San Diego California

February 27th, 2013

The University of Leeds has installed and is testing a liquid-cooled computer server. This may not seem like big news, except for the fact that every one of the server’s components is able to operate while totally immersed in liquid instead of being cooled by traditional fans. Because the cooling process relies on the natural process of convection, the process is far more efficient – and less noisy – than how server are currently being cooled for companies including internet service providers in San Diego California.

The server, called the Iceotope is estimated to be able to cut the energy traditional cooling eats up by almost 100%. The liquid coolant used to cool Iceotope’s components is 3M Novec, which does not conduct electricity and is non-flammable. Only a single low-energy pump is required to move water, the server’s secondary coolant, through server modules.

Internet Service Providers In New York New York And Web Pages: 19 Degrees Of Separation?

February 25th, 2013

According to physicist Albert Lazslo Barabasi, every web page we see via internet service providers in New York New York is no further than 19 clicks away from another. Barabasi is already well-known for his network science work, and decided to take a close look at the structure of the internet. And he found that key connectors were sites like Facebook and Google, which allow users to reach more sites, more easily.

The information network that is the web is connected by nodes like any other network. However, in this case, the paper reads, these nodes are documents containing links to other sites. And while it only takes a small number of super-connecting sites to help us get to where we want to go, hackers can also use this fact to incur serious damage, especially if the web’s main connectors were to be taken down first.