Is There Such A Thing As A Privacy Instinct When We Use Internet Service Providers In Houston Texas?

August 9th, 2013

Although there has been much in the news with regard to the privacy settings of many sites, and how much of our information they place at risk, at least one party says the fault could be ours. A professor of behavioral economics has investigated how internet users think about their privacy choices and the consequences of those choices. And as it turns out, out instincts about privacy aren’t very accurate at all. When online, it was discovered that thinking about privacy was not something that came naturally to users, simply because no other similar thing exists in either our culture or human evolution.

It also seems that those guidelines we use to gauge the trustworthiness of recipients of our information offline do not help us whatsoever when we try to apply them online. For instance, another’s revelation of personal information to us in the real world makes it more likely that we will do the same. But when we get online with internet service providers in Houston Texas and try to do the same thing, the results are far less reliable. And this is precisely why, say some, that giving users control over privacy settings simply won’t work.