News Reports Say That The NSA Overstepped Its Authority With Internet Service Providers In Portland Oregon, Others

August 20th, 2013

If there was any question with regard to the legality of tactics used by the NSA in its surveillance efforts over the past few years, an answer may now have been provided. According to documents leaked by analyst-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden, the NSA had overstepped its legal authority and broken privacy rules thousands of times since being given new powers by the government just five years ago. Among the infractions are large numbers of unauthorized surveillance of American citizens or those targets of foreign intelligence currently living in the United States. The information is interesting, given the fact that the NSA recently stated that it doesn’t engage in surveillance on American residents.

The leaked information reveals that these many security and privacy breaches occurred both intentionally and inadvertently, and covered a wide range of violations, from significant violations of the law to mistakes leading to the unintended interception of communication. But whether the invasions into internet service providers in Portland Oregon users and others were intended or not, it placed the privacy of millions of Americans at risk. And unfortunately, the news gets worse, as it appears that the number of these kinds of incidents increased in 2012s first quarter, and have seen increases in the last three years.