Are You Paying Too Much For Internet Service Providers in Indianapolis Indiana?

September 13th, 2013

If you think that your connection from your ISP is not only too slow, but is costing you too much, you are definitely not alone. United States citizens pay the most money, but tend to get lower value for their connections than other internet users around the world. An interesting reason about why this is was revealed a couple of years ago, and made some people outraged. The reason was that media organizations have been allowed to place public interest on the back burner by the American government itself.

Will it take more than a few years before we can finally say that the internet speed/price issue has been resolved? It’s hard to tell. But in the meantime, we as internet users can ensure we’re getting as much for our money as possible. This includes doing as much research as possible into Internet Service Providers in Indianapolis Indiana. And then, we can claim as many valuable online savings as we can.