Internet Service Experience Now Available On A Personal Level

October 18th, 2013

Some interesting news was published earlier this year regarding personal service and internet technology. ┬áThe news reported that interaction with real human beings wasn’t necessary in order to receive personal service in places like hotels. The report went on to reveal that these interactions are being replaced more frequently by, of all things, smart phone apps. But it is really logical to think that the personal relationships we develop with people over time could be replaced by such apps?

Experts say that such apps like this would not replace personal relationships, but only substitute for personal interactions. Apparently, all it takes to enhance these interactions is to use an app that has personalized recommendations based on the hotels and other locations we tend to visit a lot. Although information collection from customers has been occurring for many years via internet service providers in Austin Texas and other means, technology has made it possible to get all manner of customer feedback and then process it effectively and efficiently.