How Internet Providers Can Determine The Efficiency Of Economic Development Corporations

Pagosa Springs, Colorado is home to Artchuleta Economic Development. This organization offers local businesses the chance to succeed by offering many opportunities for networking and the like.

Also known as EDCs, economic development corporations usually are created to address the economic balance of a particular community. EDCs most commonly consist of a board of directors which include members of the community. The goal of an EDC is to stimulate economic growth by creating new employment opportunities for a community’s members.

The benefits of an EDC to a community’s economy are many. In times when unemployment rates are high and incomes are decreasing, or a community’s focus for income is on a sole sector, an EDC can address the core issues of a community’s income and help put things back into balance.

But influencing community change requires more than one method. Promotional efforts, financing tools and government grants may all be used to reach an EDC’s goal. And in these technological times, going online is often the most efficient way to get things accomplished.

For rural communities, getting online can pose a problem due to the high cost of running land-based internet systems over great distances as well as the cost to install them in office buildings and homes. As a result, many rural businesses are left with no other choice than a dial-up internet connection.

But there is an alternative, which is satellite internet. These days, a satellite internet connection can offer comparable speeds to most land-line internet types. The range of available internet providers, price points and packages is expanding as well. And it can also present EDCs with a cost-effective solution that’s suited to a limited budget.

Having high speed internet at the core of an EDC’s operations can greatly increase the efficiency of all members. But it also has another very important function; to keep communities connected to the outside world in the event of a disaster or destructive weather event. Unlike land-based systems that can fail when these events occur, a satellite system’s transmissions happen above earth, meaning that help can be requested with a satellite phone or computer.

This important fact can be communicated when EDC funding is needed, and can result in full or partial reimbursement of an entire satellite system. As you can probably imagine, this would result in significant yearly savings.